Location: Kurston

Eww, Water Pollution!

I traveled to Kurston, where I learned about their water pollution problems. If I want any new recruits, I'd better investigate!

New Objective Unlocked!

- Investigate the water pollution at Green Leaf Bridge

As you near the town of Kurston, a pungent stench hits you in the face and nearly knocks you off your feet. Strange plumes of sickly looking mist are rising from the nearby river.
CutScene Kurston Resident LKurston Resident
Welcome to Kurston! Is there anything I can do for you?

Oh! You’re looking for more people to join the Ivory Knights?

We’d like to be able to help you, but we can’t spare anyone while the river is all fouled up. You see, we’re fisher folk by trade, and we make our living from the river that runs past town. Since Lt. Graves took over this area, the river has been polluted, and we’ve had to work at nearby farms to feed our families.

If the river cleared out and the fish came back, we might be able to send a few people to Ivory City with you. We think that the pollution is coming from the river’s source, at Green Leaf Bridge

CutScene GreenLeafBridge You may now travel to Green Leaf Bridge.

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