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This page describes an outdated mechanic or feature, but is being retained for historic purposes. If you are looking for the replacement system, see Family Type

Power Families replaced the previously used Power Types at the Chapter 3 revisions of the game. If a character is in a Power Family it is shown on the front of the character cards. Weapons that work at full strength against a power family are denoted with "Effective against:" on the front of their cards. Known Power Families include: Armored, Avian, Insect , Robot, Resource and Undead.


A character may belong to one or more families, as indicated on the front of its card. For instance, the Thugbot is a member of the Robot family, as denoted by the 'Robot' text under its name.

Note that not all characters belong to a family. Many, such as the Small Bear, do not belong to any family at all.


Characters which belong to a family are resistant to weapons not designed to work against their family. For instance, the Thugbot is resistant to all weapons except the Discombobulator, which is 'Effective against' the Robot family. When using an ineffective weapon against a character, the player suffers a penalty to their maximum power based on what family the character is a member of. This penalty is a percentage of their total power after factoring in traits and luck. This percentage is the same for all members of a given family.

Against characters which do not belong to a family, all weapons work at normal effectiveness, regardless of whether or not they are effective against a specific family.

Family Penalty
Armored 50%
Avian 50%
Insect 50%
Resource Special*
Robot 100%
Undead 75%

  • (*)Resource family members do not apply a percentage penalty when an ineffective weapon is used against them, instead, they reduce the player's power to exactly 1.

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