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If you are looking for the replacement system, see Power Families

In LevynLight there were 5 major different types of power: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood. These were removed with the addition of Chapter 3 and replaced with Power Families. Each power type is doubly effective against two types, and has two types which are doubly effective against it. The None power type indicates that it is lacking a power type, therefore having normal effectiveness against all other power types. All power types are of normal effectiveness against None type opponents.

Special TypesEdit

There are two additional power types are found in the East Core Quarry. One, Miner, is only found on Weapons, and is of normal effectiveness against all of the major power types, but is doubly effective against the Resource type, which is only found on characters. Resource type opponents behave differently than most other types, as they are not only doubly effective against all types EXCEPT Miner, but are immune to defense gained from armor and reduce the power of non-Miner opponents to one automatically.

Type Diagram

Type Effectiveness

Pt relationships

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