I'm Proving My Worth!

I'm not just any person in the Mythlands. I'm a Seeker! Join me in LevynLight and prove to everyone that you're strong enough to defeat Zeruul!

New Quest Unlocked!

- Defeat 9 Caravan Urchins

You emerge from The Salt Mines into a clearing of salt flats. Aznor caravan is no normal caravan, it appears. Tank after tank stretches across in a long line and it appears Aznor is at the front. You walk towards him, but a large, stern woman steps forward and blocks your path.
CutScene Tank Driver LTank Driver
Who do you think you are walking up to Aznor like that? He's got more important things to do than take care of your problems. Go visit the other tanks if you like. They'll sell you some goods, but don't try to come up here again until you prove your worth.
The woman gives you a strong nudge to the back of the caravan and watches you expectantly. Time to prove what you can do.

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