The Ivory Knights Are Gone!

I returned to Ivory City to find Glorin's hideout burned to the ground! There's a wanted poster out for all of the Ivory Knights, as well... it's time for us to regroup in Ecorae.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Travel to Ecorae with Lt. Graves' tooth to regroup with Glorin and heal Enrick.

When you and the remaining Ivory Knights from the raid arrive at the hideout, you find the building, and most of the surrounding block, a burned-out, smoking mess, nothing more than a pile of black sticks poking out of the ground. A wanted poster is pinned to a nearby wall with your face, and the faces of your companions, drawn on it.

A little urchin girl in a tattered cloak that had been following you since you entered the city hands you a yellowed piece of parchment, then runs off. You unfold the parchment, and it says:

To the Remaining Ivory Knights,

If you have returned from that ill-fated raid, know that you cannot stay here in Ivory City any longer. I am not dead, or in jail, but many of those who stayed behind at the hideout were not so lucky.

The undead camp was a decoy, meant to draw our Knights out of the hideout, so that Yorrick's men could destroy it. Many good people sacrificed their lives so that I could escape. The mayor also blames the Knights for the recent burnings in the city, destroying any support we may have had from the citizens. You are no longer safe in Ivory City until you can clear your name.

As soon as you receive this letter, I urge you to join me in Ecorae, so that we may regroup, and plan to take Ivory City once again. Together, we can still defeat Yorrick.


CutScene Ecorae Travel to Ecorae.

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