The Nayavi is the Key!

Ravoth says the Nayavi is the key to defeating Zeruul' Shadow!

New Objective Unlocked!

Continue collecting Superior Levyn Sap

Ravoth pauses while tracking Shadows and turns to you.
Scarred Man LScarred Man
You must understand. I know it is difficult for you to trust me, but there is much you still don't know.

I was arrogant to think that I could harness the power of the Vrilya Chosen for my own benefit. It was because of my ignorance that not only was the Light of the Levyn created, but the Shadow of Zeruul as well. You see, all energy is about balance. For every evil in the world, there must be good. For every great good, there must be equally great evil. The Levyn Tree and Zeruul's Shadow are two sides of the same coin. Both bring unity to the Mythlands, one through peace and prosperity and the other through tyranny.

Zeruul was a good man before I thought to change fate and unleashed such evil on him. All these years of service to him were only meant to rid him of the Shadow I unleashed in my foolishness. When the Nayavi was lost from my possession, I thought all was certainly lost. Knowing that Enrick left it in your care, a Seeker, has given me hope.

You see, the Nayavi is a weapon of Vril. When I lived here so many eons ago, we could shape our Nayavi's to our will using our Sibylline Orbs. We could create the ultimate weapon forged in the energy of this place. This is why we must find the energy from Zeruul's Children that can aid us in seeking out the Vrilya. The Vrilya Chosen must hold the key to creating a weapon that can fight Zeruul's Shadow!

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