I Got the Rogue's List!

The Highwayman has given me a list of things to buy in Esert! I don't know what he plans to do with the goods, but I bet he's offering a high reward.

New Objective unlocked!

Purchase these items from the Esert Shop and bring them to the Highwayman in the Mangled Forest:

CutScene Highwayman LHighwayman
Psst, Seeker. I got a proposition for ya'.

I've got a few "clients" lined up for some "merchandise", but those tyrants in Esert think I'm some kind of criminal! They won't let me set foot in town, let alone "shop" in their fine "establishments".

If you pick up these "items" for me, I'll make it worth your while.


- This is BY FAR the best way to generate gold during the early stages of the game. You may repeat this Side Quest as often as you wish until you reach Level 14. Once you have the initial 850 Gold to purchase the items required by the Highwayman, have equipped yourself as well, and have sufficient energy to last a day (up to the limit of 110 turns), return to this location (Mangled Forest), and the quest will begin. You will have 24 hours to defeat as many Highwaymen as you can. Although it costs you 850 Gold in items, most of the time you catch him, he makes his normal drops, plus an extra 100 gold.(sometimes you only get the normal amount.) So, once you've caught him 9 or 10 times, you'll begin making pure profit.

-- If you won't be very active during the 24-hour period time limit, then might actually end up losing gold. However, if you are active, and use most of your 110 allocated turns during the 24-hour period, you could profit by a thousand or two gold just by using Basic Energy.

-- In certain situations, you get extra 500 Gold at the end of the quest, possibly when you have not taken enough turns in 24 hours.

-- For those that are willing to buy Superior Energy, you can make out HUGE. With SE, you have the option to choose between 3 random enemies, and most of the time, a Highwayman is one of them. If you only pick them, and use most of your 110 allocated turns during that 24-hour period, you will earn somewhere between 7,000 to 10,000 Gold. And this is for *each* time you run the quest, up until you reach Level 14. Not only will you earn the gold from Highwaymen, but you will also gain a very large amount of Basic and Goblin Captain Energy, since each one often drops ~5 to 10 of one or both.

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