I've Played Matchmaker in LevynLight!

The Tea Troll and the Elven Forester are in love! Happy Valentine's Day!

New Quest Unlocked!

Continue on Your Quest

You walk up to Aznor's tank with several Carniflower Buds in hand. Aznor waves you too him with a smile.
CutScene Aznor LAznor
I see you found the troll I had spoken to in Esert Village! These buds will look perfectly! He's in love with the Elven Forrester. I've met her before in my travels. They clearly have a fondness for each other, but are too embarrassed to say anything. I told him that I would need the buds to make a bouquet of Carniflowers for her. All that's needed now is for him to break the ice by giving these to her. They will make the perfect pair, if I do say so myself!
Aznor winks conspiratorially at you before handing the buds to one of the people in his caravan to make a flower arrangement with and giving several instructions on where to deliver the finished product.
Congratulations on earning the Romantic Seeker Title! Happy Valentine's Day!
Loyal Seeker
You have received a new title: the Romantic.

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