Location banner Salt Flats

Environmental Requirements

  • Superior Levyn Sap small

A natural low point surrounded by the mines, the Salt Flats have collected years of salt sedimentation. If that weren't enough, the toxic gasses of the mine have filled the area. Some plants and animals have managed to forge a meager existence in the harsh environment, but it's a place better left alone. After the cave-in of the Salt Mines, Zeruul's Children have swarmed the area.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
Brown Mouse small Brown Mouse Beast Variable Variable - -
Carniflower Small Carniflower Beast Variable Variable - Carniflower Bud
White Mouse Small White Mouse Beast Variable Variable - -
Blade of Zeruul small Blade of Zeruul Humanoid Variable Variable - Elder Energy
Eye of Zeruul small Eye of Zeruul Beast Variable Variable - Shaman Energy
Shield of Zeruul small Shield of Zeruul Construct Variable Variable - Guardian Energy
Will of Zeruul small Will of Zeruul Dark Variable Variable - Cardinal Energy
Field Mouse small Field Mouse Beast 4 0 - -
Peaple small Peaple (R) Humanoid 43 35 Yes Elder Energy, Shaman Energy, Guardian Energy, Cardinal Energy
Quartz Skitterbug small Quartz Skitterbug Beast 45 17 - -

Seeking StrategyEdit

Even though Superior Levyn Sap is required to actively hunt in this location, it's impossible to get kicked out to Esert Village during hourly patrols, so it's possible to unequip Superior Levyn Sap during inactive hours without any dangers.


No pieces of special loot are available in the Salt Flats.



Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available in Salt Flats:

Chapter 9: The Master Mouse Hunter ChallengeEdit

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