I'm On A Mission To Find The Hedge Piglets!

If I can find them, their mother might let me in on a Hedge Guard secret.

New Objective Unlocked!

• Find the 3 Hedge Piglets by traveling to other locations. Hint: One is near a forge, one is by the sea, and the other is with a troll.

Hedge Guard LHedge Guard
Ah, I know your scent... you’re the Seeker who saved our valley! But what are you doing here, when your friends are fighting a battle?

I can tell that you must be on an important mission, and I have a potion recipe that can help you, but normally only Hedge Guard are allowed to learn it.

I propose a test. Prove to me that you can think like a beast by finding my three children, whom I will send out ahead of you, and I will teach you the recipe.

Good luck, Seeker!

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