Location: Ivory City

Finding Spies

Glorin sent me out to find spies in Ivory City! This will help me prove myself to the Ivory Knights.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Seek out and defeat 15 Cutpurses, 10 Militia and 6 Sell Swords.

Your Seeker stone leads you to a run-down shop front, in the poor district of Ivory City. Someone lets you in, after peering at you out of a slit in the door.
Inside, the walls are hung with old Ivory City banners. White-armored individuals sit around tables, sharpening their weapons.
CutScene CaptainGlorin LCaptain Glorin
You’ve got a lot of nerve walking in here and declaring that you’re going to take Graves down. What do you think we’ve all been trying to do for the last five years? Look at your stone-- it’s still brand new! Trust me... you’ll have a better chance at staying alive if you take some time to get your bearings.

Lt. Graves’s undead enforcers have been cracking down on Ivory City lately, interrogating citizens and arresting any rebels they find.
Spies in the Thieves’ Guild, the Sell Swords, the Cutpurses, and the local Militiamen have been selling our secrets. We need good Seekers to track down these spies, and protect our headquarters. Take down enough of them and I might give you more responsibility.

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