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The Quest Series 'Seeker Training' is comprised of:

Tournament: Capture the Flag Edit

  • Click the PLAY button to advance!

NOTE: It is advisable to use Basic Energy to defeat the Drill Instructor due to the rarity of Superior Energy (which would be more useful to be used later on in the game)

Tournament: Conquer the Finals Edit

  • Defeat your Smarmy Rival 5 times to win the tournament.

Tournament: Champion Edit

  • Click the Equipment Shop item under the Shops menu button above to purchase your new Initiate's Tunic.
  • The Initiate's Tunic is a piece of armor. The defensive power of armor will decrease your opponent's attack power.

Energy Shop Edit

  • Click on the Energy Shop item under the Shops menu button above to buy more energy.
  • Buy 20 energy charges.
  • Your Seeker Stone requires an energy charge for every turn you take.

NOTE: Before travelling to other places make sure you stock up on Basic Energy as not all locations have Energy shops like Esert Village. Whereas others with energy shops can charge a higher price in gold - The lowest price is currently 5 gold per Energy

Next Quest Series Edit

The Defense of Esert

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