The Chapter 11 Quest Series Shadow's Shadows is comprised of:

The Shadow MenagerieEdit

  • Defeat:

The Shadow BreastplateEdit

Zeruul WaitsEdit


Here is a short summary of special energies used during this quest series. For a complete summary of energies used in Chapter 11, see Chapter 11 summary table.

Energy Location Attracts
CutScene WoodsmanEnergy Woodsman Energy CutScene Ecorae Ecorae (shop) Shadow Bull smallShadow Bull
Silk Energy small Silk Energy CutScene Citrine Heart Grotto Citrine Heart Grotto Shadow Spider small Shadow Spider
Mining Energy small Mining Energy East Core Quarry East Core Quarry (shop) Shadow Eel smallShadow Eel
Crow Energy small Crow Energy CutScene Jenner's Nest Jenner's Nest
CutScene Treeline Keep Treeline Keep
Shadow Gargoyle small Shadow Gargoyle


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