Shield of Zeruul

The origins of the Children of Zeruul remain shrouded in mystery, despite the abundance of Children that roam the land. One of the keys to their secrecy are the Shields of Zeruul, who use their shield arms not only to stage crushing attacks on Seekers, but also to guard the retreat of their fellow Children. A line of these creatures, when closely packed, can block out many disturbing activities from the general populace.

Location(s): Various (more details)

First Appearance: Chapter 5

Attack Power: Variable

Defense Power: Variable

Family Type: Construct

Critical Chance: 2%


  • 25% Chance of Shield Bash (+3 Attack)
  • The Shield of Zeruul brings its shield arm crashing down on your head!
  • 75% Chance of Huddle (+2 Defense)
  • The Shield of Zeruul hides behind its armor, waiting for you to tire out.

Loot: Various (more details)
Gold: Gold Icon 125 - 150

Energy Preference: None

Badges: Seekers do not earn badges for this character (more details).

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