Note: There is no need for a "Precise weapon charged with special energy" . Any other weapons i.e. "Enchanted"/"Strong" would also work. An example would be the Shiny Lightning Lute.

I'm Hunting Wooly Malkins!

With enough of their energy in my Seeker Stone, I'll be able to find the Wondrous Stag!

New Objective Unlocked!

Collect enough Stag Energy from Wooly Malkins to defeat the Morrigan’s Wondrous Stag 7 times.

Knight of the North LKnight of the North
Not just any bloke gets to stand in the presence of Morrigan the most holy. In order to get her attention, you’ll have to hit her immortal guardian, the Wondrous Stag, with a precise weapon charged with special energy.

These lands are crawlin’ with Zeruul’s Wooly Malkins. Defeat them, and take the energy that Zeruul has put into them as fuel for your weapon. This proves that you’re an enemy to Zeruul, and the imbalance he’s caused in the land.

I can get you that far, and no farther. For the rest, you’ll have to rely on your wits.

The Knight of the North speaks with her often. Many human warriors follow the crow.

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