I'm Helping Stock Gill's Shack!

The old woman at the general store in Kurston sent me out to find stock! If I succeed, she will open a potions shop in town.

New Objective Unlocked!

• Find 10 Mushrooms and 10 Dragon Herbs in the Mangled Forest, and the Seeress can open her Potions Shop again!

Seeress LSeeress
Hey there, young Seeker! Fancy giving an old woman a hand? I’m the keeper of Gill’s Shack, Kurston’s general store.

My potions used to be the talk of the town, but now I’m too old to travel around finding ingredients. If you can find me all of the items on this list, I can open the potions shop again!

You’ll need: Mushrooms from Phun Gai, and Dragon Herbs from Snap Dragons in the Mangled Forest.

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