Do not be fooled by its name. This vial of dangerous liquid metal is far from refreshing. Silverade is a rare and toxic alchemical creation, made from an unknown metallic substance. It is delivered in small black crates to the major cities by an unseen manufacturer. A simple note is attached to the package and shopkeepers reluctantly sell them for fear the manufacturers may one day reveal themselves...

Location(s): East Core Quarry, Hammer Falls

Type: Potion

Critical Chance: 6%


  • 90% chance of Heavy Metal (+9 Attack)
  • You smash a vial of Silverade against ______, releasing a toxic vaporized metal.
  • 35% chance of Mercurian Madness (-3 Attack)
  • Too much exposure to Silverade has left you a little dazed, weakening your attack.

Required Level: 1

Obtained By:

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