A Surprise VisitorEdit

Find PhilimaEdit

  • Defeat 10 Failed Wizards

Mother of the Levyn?Edit

  • Travel to Daphne Cove

The Curse of the CoveEdit

  • Defeat 14 Mimic Oozes

Mimics and MollusksEdit

  • Defeat 15 Mollusk Mortars and 11 Cove Alchemists

The Kraken AwakesEdit

The Kraken's Sea-cretEdit

The Promised SandEdit

  • Defeat 10 Sinkbots and 15 Bobble Welders

Attack of the U-Bots!Edit

  • Collect enough U-Bot Energy from Lightning Eels and Sunk Bots to defeat the U-Bots 15 times

A Hard-Won TruceEdit

Robot RestitutionEdit

  • Collect 5 Barnacled Widgets and 5 Grungy Gadgets

The Scientist's AlibiEdit

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