Location banner Sinkbot City

Originally designed to collect aquatic specimens from areas too deep underwater for humans to travel, the Sinkbot fleet decided they liked the peace, quiet and isolation of the ocean floor much better than the noisy and politically turbulent streets of New Feron. Together with some of their robot teammates, the Sinkbots ditched their owners in the deeps of Daphne Cove, seceding from Zeruul's dictatorship. Theirs is a hard-won tranquility, achieved through years of planning and careful disguises, and so the Sinkbots are naturally hostile to any visitors who may betray them to their former masters.



Fam. Type



Quest Required?

Mimic Ooze small Mimic Ooze Beast 39 16 - -
Bobble Welder small Bobble Welder Construct 40 14 Yes Barnacled Widget, Grungy Gadget
Mollusk Mortar small Mollusk Mortar Beast 40 16 - -
Lightning Eel small Lightning Eel Beast 42 18 - U-Bot Energy, Grungy Gadget
Sunk Bot small Sunk Bot Construct 42 14 - U-Bot Energy, Barnacled Widget
Cove Alchemist small Cove Alchemist Beast 42 17 - -
Sinkbot small Sinkbot Construct 43 15 - Grungy Gadget
Kraken small Kraken Construct 43 17 - -
U-bot small U-Bot Construct 45 18 Yes -
Flying Fish small Flying Fish Beast 46 17 Yes -
Sunk Bot small Larry, the Sunkbot (R) Construct 60 10 Yes U-Bot Energy

Seeking StrategyEdit

Characters in this area are either Beast or Construct, which Shock type weapon will gain advantage of. For Seekers first entering this area, Lightning Lute or Sloth Claw Spear are their best Weapons. Armor of choice will be Utility Armor. For Support item, Gopher Dentures is the best against Beast characters, Robot Carapace or Bubble Breather is the best against Construct characters.

U-bot Energy is needed for successfully attracting U-bot.

Larry, the Sunkbot is a rare character and can be encountered after completion of Chapter 6.


Elixir of Mastery Small



Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available in this location:

Chapter 6: A Fish Out of WaterEdit

Available after completing The Guardian of the Vine main quest.

Chapter 8: Building a New BarrierEdit

Available after completing The Spirit Wall main quest.

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