Smuggler's Beard

In addition to providing a flawless disguise, this luscious mane affords its wearer an air of masculinity and wisdom. It's also handy for stashing food and other valuables.

Location(s): Kestrall's Oubliette

Type: Support

Critical Chance: 2%


  • 95% Chance of St. Giorgio's Relic (+3 Attack vs. Beast)
  • Hey, there's an extra knife hidden in the Smuggler's Beard!
  • 23% Chance of Your Argument Is Invalid (+3 Attack vs. Construct)
  • The sheer manliness of the Smuggler's Beard disrupts (Enemy)'s concentration!
  • 50% Chance of Wise Disguise (+2 Attack vs. Dark)
  • Your Smuggler's Beard gives you an air of wisdom and confidence that defies dark forces!

Required Level: 1

Sell Value: 375

Obtained By: Random Loot from Rebel Smuggler

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