I Have Reached The Citrine Heart Vine!

I fought my way to the Citrine Heart Vine's hiding place, only to find it sealed under a dome of spider webs! Before I can get to the vine, I'll need to escape their silken snares!

New Objective Unlocked!

• Collect Silk Energy from Luminous Spiders to defeat the Citrine Heart Vine 15 times.

The Ruby Arachtacean falls to the ground, crumbling into dust as you watch.

Up ahead is a blue-green dome with tiny spiders crawling all over it. You can feel the air pulsating with the energy emanating from inside. This is the fortress of the Citrine Heart Vine.

Roots curl out from underneath the dome. As soon as your feet touch them, the spiders stop, and focus their beady eyes on you. All at once, silk wraps around your body, pulling you toward their pincers!

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