Festivas Present has Presents!

Festivas Present will give me his spoon if I beat him while sparring!

New Quest Unlocked!

- Spar with and defeat Festivas Present 4 times!

You return to Festivas Present's side with the cinnamon from the Cinnabears as requested. Being a friendly sort, he asks why you visited Festivas Isle and you begin to unwind and tell him of the difficult journey you had.

First Zeruul, then Festivas Past, and nothing seems to be getting easier. Festivas Present gives you a sympathetic ear as an idea blossoms in his mind.

CutScene Festivas Present LFestivas Present
Well, it sounds to me that you've had quite the season! You certainly do need a bit of a holiday, don't you? But it wouldn't do you any good to come here and grow soft, now would it?

How about you and I go a few rounds while this stew finishes simmering! If you win, I'll give you my spoon here! If not, at least you'll get a free meal when we're done! Sound like a plan?

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