Superior Energy

The ultimate type of energy! Never fail to seek out an enemy on your journey, activate special item drops, and find rare characters by using this energy.

Type: Energy
Purchasable At:

  • All Shops in Chapter 1-11 Locations
  • Leveling Up [1]
  • Side Quests

    Cost: Varies on Size of Purchase.

Attracts: Offers the ability to choose the opponent you wish to battle from a randomly selected group of three characters[2]. Also increases the quantity and frequency of some loot drops.

Loot from: [3]
Character Location
Poison Cove Snake small Poison Cove Snake Daphne Cove small Daphne Cove
Legion Sprite small Legion Sprite Dead Waters small Dead Waters
Dredger small Dredger East Core Quarry small East Core Quarry
Peron Rihn small Peron Rihn Ecorae small Ecorae
Any Grevel Nub Arbor small Grevel Nub Arbor
Various Hedge Valley small Hedge Valley
Feldspar Worm small Feldspar Worm Jenner's Nest small Jenner's Nest
Any Kestrall's Oubliette small Kestrall's Oubliette
Kelend the Cog Lord small Kelend the Cog Lord New Feron small New Feron
Various The Blast Site small The Blast Site
Various The Dead Camp small The Dead Camp
Dream Snatcher small Dream Snatcher Zeruul's Castle small Zeruul's Castle


  1. Seeker receives 5x Superior Energy upon reaching level 10, and each subsequent level onwards.
  2. During hourly patrol, no choice will be given and the character is randomly chose from SE attraction pool.
  3. Using Tree of Seasons will activate Superior Energy loot drops in various locations not listed here (more details).

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