Zombie Attack!

My friends have been attacked by zombies! Play Levynlight, and help fend off the invasion!

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defend Hammer Falls for 12 Hours.

CutScene Torque Thompson LeftTorque Thompson
That... was beautiful. Never in my life have I seen someone take to whackin' zombies so naturally. Take the Bone Saw... and never stop spreading your gift. Now, we've got reports of an advanced partyyyyauuuggh! Get it off me!
An Arachnoid Fiend jumps out of the shadows onto Torque, then two, then five. They use their many legs to crawl down the sides of the buildings all around you. At the edge of town, Bombies shamble toward you, as well.

Amidst the growls and gurgles of the fiends swarming your position, you ready your weapon.

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