CutScene Holly L
Well hello there, Seeker!

You may not have noticed, but here in the Mythlands, it's started to snow! That means it's time for my favorite event of the year: the Festival of Giving!

Every year, at the Festival of Giving, we all have a great feast, and a snowman building competition attended by the most magical gift givers of them all: the Three Santas.

We're expecting Techno Claus, Father Snow and Santa Greensleeves to arrive any time, but with Zeruul around to block their path, they may need some help from a Seeker!

Something large, noisy and clad in a bolted red suit zooms overhead, one thruster sputtering.
CutScene Holly L
Oh no! Zeruul's agents have knocked out Techno-Claus's guidance systems! Gather some flags from his Goblin Helpers and guide him in for a landing... the children are counting on you!
• Gather 15 Flags from Goblin Helpers.

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