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Location banner Temple of Five

The grasses of Lostman's field can grow to be taller than a man, and their densely packed stalks make for a difficult hike-- if you can remember which way you are going. Hidden deep in the heart of this dense field of yellow stalks is the Temple of Five, a small ring of grass huts designed to blend in with the surrounding terrain. Look across the field from any direction and you will not see it. The village itself may not seem like much to look at either-- just a wide circle of ground with huts and fire pits along its edge, but the ground itself hums with an inexplicable energy. People peer out of their huts at you: a beautiful young girl who moves with smoothness and grace, an old man with a bushy beard and earth-caked clothes and a bald man with dark skin who, despite the hot weather, is wearing jointed metallic armor.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required?
Drill Instructor smallDrill Instructor Humanoid 4 0 -
Grass Gremble smallGrass Gremble Beast 2 0 -
Smarmy Rival smallSmarmy Rival Humanoid 2 0 -
Sparring Partner smallSparring Partner Humanoid 3 1 -


No special loot is available at Temple of Five.




After LevynLight's third chapter came out during beta the Earth Elementalist, Fire Elementalist, Metal Elementalist, Water Elementalist, and Wood Elementalist were replaced.

After the introduction of chapter 4, the intro changed again completely. Since that moment the Temple of Five is no longer part of the story.

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