I'm Dodging Falling Stalactites!

Aznor is leading me through the dangerous Salt Mines and stalactites are falling all around me!

New Objective Unlocked!

An abandoned mine shaft leads into The Salt Mines. Hanging precariously above the entrance is an old, wooden sign that reads, "Beware! Toxic Gasses! Do Not Enter!" Giant Stalactites hang down in the pathway, but Aznor moves forward unafraid. There's an old Mattock near the entrance that will undoubtedly be useful in the mines.
Mattock Small
You have received: 1 x Mattock
CutScene Aznor LAznor
This way, Seeker!

I need Levyn Sap for this area to travel through it at all, but maybe you'll have better luck than I, being a Seeker. Should you find the gasses to be too much, try catching your breath back in Esert. There's no rush to go storming back into all of this and potentially poisoning yourself. Many men and women were lost because they did not understand their own limitations.

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