I'm On The Hunt For The Arachtacean!

After a dire warning from the Deep Lizard's tome, I'm on the hunt for the Ruby Arachtacean!

New Objective Unlocked!

• Defeat the Ruby Arachtacean 14 times.

- Mighty Sea Staff is now available to craft in Sinkbot City

• If the Deep Lizard's tome is correct, an enchanted weapon may help you in this battle.

The Deep Lizard snaps his quill over his knee in frustration, and stomps off into the depths. Enrick picks up the Lizard's book and reads.
Cutscene Enrick LeftEnrick
L isten to this: One month ago, I encountered some travelers seeking the Citrine Heart Vine. They fared well until they left my cave, but- alas- the Ruby Arachtacean laid them low. Never in all my years have I encountered a warrior who could best the brute!

But this time, I may have witnessed the key to the Arachtacean's destruction. One of the warriors burned away part of its shell with an enchanted wand... before the beast broke the wand, and the wizard.

That doesn't sound very promising... let's get out there and find the Arachtacean before it finds us!

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