I Reached The Assimilator's Lair!

After eluding several traps, I have finally found the lair of the Assimilator Spawn! It's time to save Abby!

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defeat the Assimilator Spawn 10 times to save Abby.

The Psiroe disappear, one by one, with a strange popping sound. Once they are gone, you follow Abby's cries to the Assimilator's lair, a dark, damp chamber where the fiend's glowing eyes are the only source of light.
CutScene Assimilator Spawn LAssimilator Spawn
Foul, obnoxious Seeker! You've evaded my traps! I'll just have to crush you, and then I'll drain your powers along with the girl's!

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