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Location banner The Blast Site

Hidden beneath an abandoned forge on the outskirts of New Feron, the Blast Site is the beginning of a smuggling tunnel which will allow travel beneath the city wall. Cog Lord Kelend is determined to blast through the bedrock which blocks completion of the tunnel, but he is forgetting that the earth beneath New Feron has not been disturbed for thousands of years, and may contain forgotten threats.


Character Family






Blade of Zeruul small Blade of Zeruul Humanoid Variable Variable - Gadget, Rotten Banana, Superior Energy, Whitestone Shard
Eye of Zeruul small Eye of Zeruul Beast Variable Variable - Whitestone Shard, Widget
Shield of Zeruul small Shield of Zeruul Construct Variable Variable - Gadget, Rotten Banana, Superior Energy, Widget
Will of Zeruul small Will of Zeruul Dark Variable Variable - Rotten Banana, Whitestone Shard
Burrowing Horror small Burrowing Horror Beast 40 23 - Gadget, Rotten Banana, Whitestone Shard
Burrowing Larvae small Burrowing Larvae Beast 38 20 - Larval Energy, Rotten Banana, Superior Energy, Whitestone Shard
Dark Dig Dwarf small Dark Dig Dwarf (R) Humanoid 40 25 Yes 30 x Enhanced Energy, 5 x Silverade
Iron Ant small Iron Ant Beast 59 17 Yes Rotten Banana

Seeking StrategyEdit


Silverade small



Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are located in The Blast Site:

Chapter 7: Toad's NestEdit

This quest starts in Jenner's Nest and is continued in this location.

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