The Bone Saw

This mechanical suit is standard issue for Kelend's Mechanical Menace, and its primary function is to smash the undead into little bits. It may look great now, but if you had some gold and supplies, you could probably make it work even better.

Location(s): Hammer Falls

Type: Weapon

Attack Power: 27

Mastery Level 1 2 3 4 5
Attack Power 30 33 36 40 44

Weapon Class: Strong

Critical Chance: 1%


  • 70% chance of Crowd Control (+2 Attack vs Dark)
  • The Bone Saw plows its way through your undead foes!
  • 90% chance of Heavy Stomp (+1 Attack)
  • You stomp the ground in your Bone Saw suit, making the ground shake!

Required Level: 25

Sell Value: unsellable

Obtained By: Completing the Quest The Bone Saw

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