The Sinkbot Fleet is Missing!

A scientist in Daphne Cove thinks that his Sinkbots may have been the latest victims of the Kraken! I'm going to try speaking to the local creatures to find out what happened.

New Quest Unlocked!

• Defeat 14 Mimic Oozes to investigate the Kraken.

While wandering the cove, you and Enrick spot a light in the distance. You follow the light to find a scientist camped in a clearing.
So you're here to investigate the monster? I wish I had some scientific data for you, but I've lost it all.

I came out here with a thousand robots, to gather data on the Cove waters. One day, the Kraken appeared in the Cove, and my robots never came home.

If I go back empty-handed, I'll never get funding again! The local creatures won't talk to me, either. They don't like humans very much.

Maybe you'll have better luck. Try talking to some Mimic Oozes, and see if they'll help you.

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