The Fathom Pixie Is Attacking Enrick!

I'll have to defeat it in order to save my mentor.

After spending hours trying to navigate a labyrinth of hallways that led you in circles, you and Enrick are relieved to emerge into an open garden bathed in moonlight. The moss-coated trees give the place an eerie, bluish tinge, but the two of you admire the beautiful stone carvings and exotic night flowers that adorn the garden.

As you stroll along a deep, black lake bereft of even the slightest ripple, Enrick stops to examine a cluster of lilies.

Cutscene Enrick LeftEnrick
Why, this is amazing... I haven’t seen lilies like this since I was a boy.
What Enrick doesn’t notice is the thing silently sliding its way out of the lake toward him. Your Seeker stone sights it at the last minute, but not before it wraps a hand around Enrick’s ankle.
Cutscene Enrick LeftEnrick
Eegad! A Fathom Pixie! Stun it with some blunt force, before it drags me down to oblivion! You'll also need to make some noise!

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