I Learned the Source of Hedge Valley's Fog!

Jorn told me the secret of the fog that surrounds Hedge Valley! In order to free the creatures here, I will need to defeat the dreaded Fogbelly.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Collect Mist Energy from Steam Sloths and Steam Weavers, then defeat the Fogbelly 10 times.

After a you employ a few non-violent blocking techniques, Jorn calms down enough to take a good look at you.
CutScene JornKindleWink LJorn Kindlewink
Huff, Puff... Wait, you’re a Seeker! And, you’re wearing Peron’s insignia!

We’ve been waiting for you for weeks. Hedge Guard have terrible eyesight, and so this fog makes it impossible to fight our enemies!

The fog is created by a creature called a Fogbelly, a great, horrible lump that spews out steam. The only way to find the Fogbelly in this mess is to gather Mist Energy from its followers, the Steam Sloths and Steam Weavers.

If you can get rid of this fog, maybe we can clean out this forest!

I’m sure the trees would appreciate it, too. They’re withering in this heat!
CutScene Levyn RLevyn
CutScene HedgeGuardAmulet
You have received: 1 x Hedge Guard Amulet

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