Location: Green Leaf Bridge


I found the source of Kurston's river pollution. . . trolls! I need to convince them to leave, or their smell may never go away!

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defeat Soggy Troll, Rowdy Trolls and Troll Lummoxes 5 times each to convince them to leave.

The source of the offending odor is clearly emanating from the area near this quaint stone bridge. Clumps of repugnant smelling ooze float lazily down the river, making your nose hairs shrivel up in terror. Many trees are uprooted, rocks have been overturned, and there are other signs that several very large, very messy somethings have been gallivanting about the place...

You look up to find a large, green gentleman looming over you, sipping a steaming cup of tea with his sausage-sized pinky finger extended.

CutScene TeaTroll LTea Troll
Hello there, tiny wanderer. Perhaps I can be of assistance in some way?

It looks as though you’re here about the pollution. Quite a spot of trouble, that. You see, the grime in the river is coming from my brothers, who have recently moved here from the Troll Pit.

I feel just awful about inconveniencing that little town down the way. I'm not one for the usual rigors of Troll life... I like myself a good book and a nice cup of Duke Chasper's Finest... but I'm certainly not about to turn my own family out into the cold.

If you can convince my brothers to move, however, I would not be any the sadder for it. I’m rather sick of them using my fine lace doilies for handkerchiefs. Let me show you where they are.

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