A Goblin Helper Is Out in the Sun!

You know it's that time of year again when the Goblin Helpers are loose, but surely they realize it's the middle of July!!!

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defeat the Goblin Helper in Esert Village to collect the Festivas Leaflet!

It has been a long and difficult road...more often then not, a thankless one. Whenever victory looms on the horizon, darkness falls again. Eventually there comes a time when you ask yourself, What are you really seeking for?

While lost in such gloomy thoughts you catch the glimpse of a small goblin running through the bushes ahead, an unlikely low flying cloud dropping snow on it's head. Goblins of all types tend to be mischievous characters, so it doesn't strike you as entirely surprising when the small creature turns to you, sticks out its tongue, and then dodges into the underbrush. In its hand, it holds a a piece of paper, which is even more odd since it's a well known fact that Goblin Helpers can't read. Follow him to find out more.

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