Training with the Arcane OrderEdit

  • Defeat 10 Mucks

Cleansing the KhlorriEdit

Walking in CirclesEdit

  • Defeat 15 Crystal Horn

Skitterbug ScrambleEdit

  • Defeat 15 Quartz Skitterbugs.

Deep (Lizard) TroubleEdit

  • Defeat 12 Deep Lizards.

The ArachtaceanEdit

  • Defeat 14 Ruby Arachtacean

Spider FleetEdit

  • Collect Silk Energy from Luminous Spiders to defeat the Citrine Heart Vine 15 times.

The Guardian of the VineEdit

  • Defeat the Hermit Sage 15 times to take the Citrine Heart.

Parting PleaEdit

  • Travel to Fontis Sapienta

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