I've Found a City Under the Sea!

After fighting the Kraken, Enrick and I discovered it was a robot! Beneath the Kraken's territory, we've found a hidden, underwater city.

New Objective Unlocked!

• Travel to Sinkbot City

You land the final blow to the Kraken... and hear a sound like a stick hitting an old oil barrel.

One of the creature's eyes pops out. It's a lamp!

Enrick pushes the floating 'corpse', out of your way. Beneath its body, you can see a multitude of glass bubbles, anchored to the sea floor.

Cutscene Enrick LeftEnrick
By the light of the Levyn... there's a city down there!
A Mimic jellyfish swims up to you, dropping two bubble sacks. It morphs into a human and uses one of the sacks to breathe under the water. You and Enrick take the sacks, place them over your faces, and dive.
CutScene Sinkbot City
You may now travel to Sinkbot City

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