This article is about the quest. For the magical tree, see Levyn.

I Found the Levyn!

I found the Levyn, a mysterious talking tree! In order to learn more about the Levyn, I need to free it from the Goblin Clear-Cutters.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defeat 10 Goblin Clearcutters to save the Levyn!

You arrive in a long valley, filled with sad looking trees. A deep, warm fog rolls over you as you make your way down into the depression, cutting off your view of anything but the surrounding foliage.

As you stumble through the forest, you see a sapling surrounded by goblins. The tree seems to be... floating... but the goblins have tied it down.

CutScene Levyn LLevyn
Please, have mercy on me! I’m no ordinary tree!
Zeruul-master tells us to chop the funny trees! Mustn’t leave any in the valley!
CutScene GoblinClearcutter RGoblin Clearcutter
CutScene Levyn LLevyn
Help me, Seeker!

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