I Have A New Companion!

The Levyn has joined my party! If I can keep it safe, it will provide companionship and advice on my journey.

New Objective Unlocked!

- While the Levyn is traveling with you, you can view its image and description beneath your equipment box on the Camp Page. - Defeat 10 Auto Choppas to reach Jorn Kindlewink's hideout.

CutScene Levyn LLevyn
Oh, thank you for releasing me!

My caretaker, Ravoth, has been gone for quite some time. Do you know where he might be? I fear all the fog and goblin attacks might have driven him away.

Perhaps it would be safer if we travel together for a while. I can take you to Jorn Kindlewink’s hideout. He’s been holed up underground ever since the Auto Choppas started attacking out of the fog. You’ll need to rid the area of those robots before he’ll come out.

CutScene Levyn
Levyn has joined your party.

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