The Demolition Man Is Missing!

Cog Lord Kelend's chief of explosions is missing! Kelend has promised me a large reward if I can bring him back.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defeat 10 Shock Guards.

You arrive in New Feron and search for the hideout of the Mechanical Menace. You find them in the sub-basement of an abandoned laboratory, surrounded by old machine parts.

An old man, locked into a mechanical suit, comes to greet you. He glares at you, the rotating guns on his back at the ready.

Cog Lord KelendCog Lord Kelend
Yeah, I see your Ocarina. Very pretty. Go home, and tell Peron we can't spare any more resources. The Undead have got the squeeze on us too.

But... if you really can't go home, like you say, you could help me find my demolitionist. You see, I'm making... a little tunnel to funnel supplies in and out of the city, and someone has kidnapped my main explosion man.

I think the Shock Guards know something, but I can't seem to squeeze it out of 'em. I'm not one for guarantees, but if you can find my demolitionist, I'll make sure you go home with something shiny.

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