You and Enrick come upon an ornate gilded door boasting Yorrick’s seal in the center. Thinking that it may be the throne room, you use your Seeker stone to find out a weakness in the lock and force the door open.

Inside is the King’s treasury, a vast, high-ceilinged room heaped with gold. You and Enrick are about to leave, being unable to carry any heavy treasure at the moment, but before you can, the doors slam shut behind you.

Out of a pile of jewels the size of apple carts emerges a dragon-sized salamander, made entirely out of precious stone. It strikes the ground with its tail, and you feel your legs sinking into the gold, trapping you in one place!

Cutscene Enrick LeftEnrick
Not another one! Try and break him apart with some of that energy we found in Sinkbot City.

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