I led the Nub rebellion with Princess Malorra! We took down the guards, but Captain Kestrall won't go down without a fight...

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defeat Captain Kestrall 15 times to avoid his deadly talons.

Soon after you release your latest captures, there is a Grumpy Bear ransacking every guard post. Arachnowls dangle from the Bird Guards' favorite perches, sending them into flapping frenzies. With so many feathers flying, Malorra sees the perfect opportunity to unlock her cage.
CutScene PrincessMalorraPrincess Malorra
I'm free! Loyal followers: it's time to take back the Arbor for the little people! And I couldn't have done this without you, Seeker. If you ever get sick of working for Peron, come and see me. I could use a new guard-human.

For now, take this old key. It will help you fight any wood-based enemies you might face.

The Princess mounts a waiting ferret and rides off down the streets of the Arbor. As she goes, she sends bolts of green light shooting from her fingers. The light explodes off of Captain Kestrall's guard posts, causing waves of vines to snake their way through walls and roofs.

After the Princess disappears from sight, a shadow swoops down from the high canopy. You duck just in time to avoid a set of razor-sharp, finger length claws grasping for your neck. Captain Kestrall screams, wheeling around for another pass.

You can't escape me, Seeker! I always catch my prrrey!
CutScene CaptainKestrall RCaptain Kestrall

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