Obby's Deadwood ImpersonationEdit

  • Collect Map Pieces 1-4 from Silencers

The CartographerEdit

  • Wait for 2 hours.

Kelend's GambleEdit

  • Collect 10 Reinforced Plating from Forge Masters and 10 Ammunition Belts from Gearheads

Hammer FallsEdit

  • Travel to Hammer Falls

The Bone SawEdit

  • Defeat 20 Fast Zombies


  • Defend Hammer Falls for 12 hours

Let's Make Some Noise Edit

  • Gather 15 Noise Makers from Cy-bird Houses and 15 Generating Sparks from Energy Channelers

Open For Business Edit

  • Buy 50 Whistle Energy

Charging the ChenivoreEdit

  • Defeat 15 Sepulchral Spearmen

A Beastly BusinessEdit

  • Defeat 15 Beastly Necromancers

Teeth and TentaclesEdit

  • Defeat 15 Chenivores

Obby's SacrificeEdit

Reward: 1 x Obby's Processor

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