Someone Beat Up The Pelt Merchant!

In order to find the Scarred Man, I'll need to talk to him.

New Objective Unlocked!

Collect 9 Shepherds of Leaves.

The Watchful Tarsiers refuse to talk, but after you’ve defeated a number of them, their boss comes out to deal with you.
Knight of the North LKnight of the North
Oi! What you doin’ with my Tars-ears? These little guys work hard for their keep, and I don’t need you beatin' ‘em.

You’re after the Scarred Man? Well why didn’ you say so? That guy could use a good kick in the pants. Even the toughs down at the smugglers’ tavern are scared of him.

We showed him the door after he beat up the Pelt Merchant for information. Poor guy got so scared that he went and hid in the woods. Ask the Shepherds of Leaves. They might o’ seen him.

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