I Found Sinkbot City!

I found the 'Promised Sand' of the Sinkbots, but now they don't want to let me leave!

New Objective Unlocked!

• Defeat 10 Sinkbots and 15 Bobble Welders to escape Sinkbot City

As you swim closer to the city, a convoy of robots float up to meet you.
CutScene SinkbotSinkbot
Glug... Sinkbots not work for humans anymore. Humans not leave... humans get scientists, tell Zeruul about precious city...

We not hurt humans if they stay... Glug.

You crazy box of bolts! We can't stay down here! We've got work to do!
CutScene SinkbotSinkbot
Humans have no choice... Glug. Sinkbots not let you go.

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