I Think I Just Lost IQ Points...

Listening to Farmer Ted speak is like walking on broken glass. It hurts! Why, oh why, did any game developer choose HIM as the cutscene character? "Naw, I ain't no yellow belly..." Really, Ted? REALLY?! Next time, have Zeruul deliver the news! Anything is better than trying to translate your gibberish!

New Objective Unlocked!

- Find the Scarred Man at Ted's Farm!

CutScene FarmerTed
M ost folks don't travel 'round here no more. It's probably why Zeruul's goons give me such a fright! My daughter ain't much taller than knee high to a grasshopper and I worry 'bout her almost as much as these here fields!

There was a tall fella' wanderin' through my land a few days ago with a rock kinda' like yours. He musta' had the tar kicked outta' him pretty good 'cuz he had none to pretty a scar runnin' down his face.

Naw, I ain't no yellow belly, but he looked like someone ya' didn't wanna' be messin' with, if you know what I'm sayin'. I just minded my own business and let him be. He might still be out in my fields, for all I know.

Levyn willin' and the creek don't rise, he'll be gone by now. Can you take a look for me though? Just in case?

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