I've Been Given a Secret Mission!

If all goes well, my companions and I may defeat the Skeleton King once and for all!

New Objective Unlocked!

• Travel to Yorrick's Requietory

You return to Ecorae, to the smell of smoke on the wind, and the sound of undead war drums in the distance. You run to the council buildings, where you find Glorin, Peron, Kelend, Philima and Enrick, and recount your tale.
ArchMagePhilimaArchMage Philima
Chanya will be back, but for now, you’ve sent her running, and that should buy us the time we need to fight Yorrick’s forces. As for the Levyn, it may still be in danger, but for now we must focus on the task at hand.

Our scouts tell us that Yorrick has placed a powerful enchantment on his forces, protecting them from our attacks. He hides in the tallest tower of his castle, far away, knowing that unless we can reach and defeat him, our armies have no chance to succeed.

That is why you, Enrick and I must travel in secret to Yorrick’s Requietory, find the Undead King, and defeat him.

We’re the most powerful Seekers the rebellion has! If we can’t stop him, nobody can...
CutScene Yorrick's Requietory
You may now travel to Yorrick's Requietory

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