Shadows Are Everywhere!

Everywhere I turn, there are more Shadows guarding Zeruul! I need to get past them if I'm going to defeat him!

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defeat 7 Shadow Gargoyles

- Defeat 7 Shadow Spiders
- Defeat 4 Shadow Eels
- Defeat 7 Shadow Bulls

Remember: Each boss responds to a different type of boss energy from previous chapters.

You approach a large, gothic castle surrounded by a green moat. It's age is evident in every crumbling stone and every cracked wooden beam. Whether by magic or sheer luck, the large structure has managed to stay together.

Across a drawbridge, a hooded figure approaches.

Zeruul LZeruul
So, you have found me, have you, Seeker? You think you can defeat me? I'll give you a chance to try if you prove a worthy enough adversary for my minions. I don't think you have it in you, though. You'll crumble under their assaults!
These Shadow creatures can only be defeated using boss energies! We'll have to find what boss energy matches each creature before we'll be able to reach Zeruul!
Scarred Man RScarred Man

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