I'm Battling the Six Guardians!

Once I have defeated these six vicious monsters, I will be able to reach King Yorrick for the final battle.

New Quest Unlocked!

Defeat: Remember: Each boss responds to a different type of boss energy from previous chapters.Only a specific weapon type will work against each boss. Upgrades to the previous weapons thay may work are available from Philma's Store in the Requietory.

Philima's magic blasts through the spirit wall, stunning the guards and opening a hole large enough for everyone to enter.
PhilimaArchmage Philima
I'm afraid you'll have to go on ahead without me... if I let this portal close, you'll be trapped in here forever as one of Yorrick's minions! I can handle the guards from here... but that leaves you alone with the Six Shades...

The Six Shades of the Faceless King are Yorrick's guards... and his prison keepers. Inside each one of them is a segment of the Peacemaker's Sceptre, the ancestral weapon of Yorrick's family. The Sceptre is the only known weapon that can lay Yorrick to rest.

In order to best the Six Shades, you will first need to use the right energy to attract them. Each shade is attracted to a different boss energy from around the land. You will have to try different energies to find which ones work.

You will also need to use specific weapon types against the Six Shades. I can offer you some upgrades to help with this. As for the supplies, however... you'll have to find those for yourself.

Good luck, you two... you're our last hope for victory.

Don't you worry, Philima. We'll make the rebellion proud!


This cutscene starts an epic boss battle between you and 6 bosses. The fist encounter of each boss triggers an new cutscene with more information how to beat that boss. By clicking on the links below you can view each cutscene at will. A summary of these cutscenes can be found here under "The Six Guardians".

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